Tony Tough 1996

Tony Tough
Trade Mark

Who, how and why... almost all the details on the birth of the most loved private investigator (by at least one of his authors).

Copyright and Brand

Tony Tough™ was born in 1996 from the ideas and pencil of Valerio Massari and Stefano Gualeni.
It is created to become the main character of the point&click adventure game titled "Tony Tough™ and The Night Of The Roasted Moths" (large sums of money are currently required to find out the origin of this title).

Tony came to life in the afternoons after school, between a game of Tekken and Final Fantasy, especially in the basement of Valerio's house, which the two friends had turned into their studio.

The copyrights on the character are still of its authors today but in 2020 the trademark Tony Tough™ was registered in the name of Valerio Massari. From this date the sole owner of the exploitation rights of the brand, of the character of Tony Tough and of which he is the sole manager.

For those interested in the use of the Tony Tough ™ brand, you can contact us by writing to

Tony Tough's daddy & mummy
Valerio & Stefano in the basement - 1996